Other Projects

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Project:   Hunt Office Remodel
Location:   Ruston, Louisiana
Cost:   Undisclosed
Owner:   Alex T. Hunt, Jr.
Architect:   Michael L. Walpole
Completion:   August, 2001

Project:   Louisiana Tech Flight Operations Center
Location:   Ruston, Louisiana
Cost:   $604,732
Owner:   State of Louisiana
Architect:   A/E Design Group
Completion:   May, 2000

Project:   Lake Claiborne State Park-- Vacation Cabins
Location:   Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
Cost:   $1,696,138
Owner:   State Of Louisiana
Architect:   Hugh G. Parker, Jr.
Completion:   August, 2000

Project:   Exterior Envelope Moisture Proofing-- Wheatley Hall GSU
Location:   Grambling, Louisiana
Cost:   $1,206,423
Owner:   State Of Louisiana
Architect:   Richard LeBlanc
Completion:   June, 1998

Project:   Steeple's Glen Apartments at Grambling
Location:   Granbling, Louisiana
Cost:   $940,000
Owner:   The Ernann Corporation
Architect:   Karl M. Wallace
Completion:   January, 1998

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