Other Projects

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Project:   Farmerville Recreation Center
Location:   Farmerville, Louisiana
Cost:   $1,348,409
Owner:   City of Farmerville
Architect:   Michael L. Walpole
Completion:   July, 2003

Project:   Inwood Village Apartments
Location:   Ruston, Louisiana
Cost:   Undisclosed
Owner:   Inwood Properties
Architect:   Benjamin Winn, Engineer
Completion:   September, 2003

Project:   Additions To Tri Ward General Hospital
Location:   Bernice, Louisiana
Cost:   $348,659
Owner:   Hosptial Service District No. 1, Union Parish, LA
Architect:   David Lloyd Smith
Completion:   April, 2003

Project:   Sanctuary Renovations-- First Baptist Church, Minden
Location:   Minden, Louisiana
Cost:   $206,915
Owner:   First Baptist Church, Minden
Architect:   None
Completion:   October, 2002

Project:   Lake D'Arbonne State Park Additions
Location:   Union Parish, Louisiana
Cost:   $5,617,642
Owner:   State Of Louisiana
Architect:   Hamilton & Associates
Completion:   November, 2002

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